Resources Available to UMBC Users

The UMBC provides an integrated array of high performance computing and communications products and related services to their users, including supercomputing-class hardware, software, mass storage systems, file storage areas, consulting services, and training. Information on all of these resources is available on the UMBC web pages or by contacting UMBC Support.

Computing Resources

UMBC operates high-performance computing systems to support research:  

Lewis3  a cluster upgrage with 32 compute nodes. Each node has 128 GB of memory and 24 Intel Xeon cores [Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v3 @ 2.30GHz] with SSE4 and AVX/AVX2 support. Most of the software on lewis have already been installed on the new cluster.   Lewis3 is now open for testing. Updated!

Lewis (pictures), a cluster of compute nodes with multi-core 64-bit architecture Intel Xeon processors. The compute nodes range in capacity from machines with 4 processor cores and 6 GB of memory to machines with 24 processor cores and 512 GB of memory. The cluster has over 180 compute nodes with more than 1200 processor cores and a total of more than 5400 GB of memory. The compute nodes are interconnected via a high-speed InfiniBand network. The cluster supports running serial jobs, multi-threaded shared memory jobs, and parallel MPI jobs.   Accessing LewisHow to correctly submit programs on Lewis Updated!

Storage Resources

The UMBC has the following storage resources, which are connected via high-speed data links to the computing resources:

UMBC can also provide storage for externally generated data. Contact UMBC Support for more information.


Many popular software packages are available for bioinformatics, molecular modeling, computational physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, neural sciences and materials science, etc. Some of the most popular packages are listed here by:

We can also acquire other software if requested and if versions are available for our computers.

Consulting Services

Our consulting staff can help with technical problems, such as code optimization or even advice on configuring and supporting your own systems.

Individual one-on-one consulting is available to provide support for all phases of problem evolution from inception to final results. This can include software recommendations, formulation of the problem, or optimization of a single processor performance, as well as communications support.

UMBC Support is staffed by experienced consultants who can answer technical questions about all aspects of the center. Follow-up is usually within one working day to electronic mail questions.

These classes can be held at UMBC or at your location.

Account Request and Information

Faculty and researchers can apply for accounts on UMBC systems for themselves and their students by completing and submitting the UMBC Computing Resources Account Request Form. Project Supervisor must email the completed form to

All of our important user information is online. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, you can use the search box in the upper right corner of each page or take a look at the site map.